Can you feel the shift? Even though it’s still hot in many places there is an almost imperceptible crispness in the early morning air. Night comes just a tiny bit earlier, school is back in session, and of course, September has arrived which means fall is a mere 21 days away.

This time of year makes me smile. After the dog days of summer, the cooler temperatures and vivid colors of the fall are most welcome. September is special to me, too, because it is my birth month. When it rolls around each year, I am bursting with excitement! This month represents a fresh start, renewal and is a time for reflection and preparation.

In nature, the vibrant colors of fall are reminders of change and renewal. I remember the first time I experienced fall colors years ago. The hilly, tree-lined drive up to my apartment shimmered as wind and sun collided in the leaves. Shades of red, orange, and yellow danced like flames, and it was breathtaking. Soon after, those same leaves fell off, leaving the bare branches to rest and regenerate throughout winter.

September is here, and fall is near. The excitement they bring has the same vibrant energy as those shimmering leaves of long ago. As I approach another trip around the sun, I reflect on successes, blessings, and lessons. One of the first posts here at Tilt & Flourish was about gratitude, and I return to it often. No matter what’s happening in life or the world around us, we have many reasons to be thankful.

Life gets loud and distracting sometimes, and some important principles are obscured in those moments. These noisy times beckon our return to the basics and quiet. Though they may differ from person to person, the purpose is the same, reflection. Returning to basics begs us to remember who we are, what we love, and where we’ve been, and it encourages us to prepare for greater and often different.

The change of seasons reminds us that nothing lasts forever and also prepares us for a new and shimmering season, so take a deep breath, smile and prepare for the beautiful changes ahead.

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