When I was growing up and had to wake my mom for any reason, it was an exercise in strategy and caution. Too close, and you might get kicked. Too loud, and you might wet your pants from the shock of her response. The point is, it was a little scary to wake her up because it was always so alarming. Over time, my approach was to stand in the doorway and repeat, “Mom. Mom. Mom…” until she responded. Her awakening was always wild-eyed and startling. Even though those moments later became fodder for jokes, I wasn’t fond of the feeling that those abrupt beginnings created.

As the new year approached, I thought a lot about my mother and those strategic ‘wake-up’ sessions and about those times when I’d slept a little too long after my alarm sounded and woke up in a panic. I hate starting the day on a sour note. The dawn of a new year typically brings with it all kinds of plans and goals. The infamous resolutions come to mind. There are also different rituals, traditions, and superstitions for preparing to bring in a new year. From the foods we prepare (black-eyed peas for good luck) to the songs we sing (Auld Lang Syne), and even how we prepare our homes (thoroughly clean OR clean nothing). Wherever you are on the new year prep spectrum, I’m sure you don’t have to think long or hard to recall it.

The dawn of 2022 was different. Normally, I feverishly clear, clean, and empty the house in preparation for 52 new weeks. But this year, I didn’t have the energy or the inclination. The last two years have left me wanting to do anything but the usual. This year I did nothing to prepare. Asleep on the couch by 10 pm and phones off. When my eyes opened on January 1, 2022, I was well-rested and content. I had no desire to rush into the day by sending or responding to the wishes of a Happy New Year. Instead, I carefully started the day by enjoying the contentment that enveloped me and the peace that comforted me. I had no complaints, was anxious for nothing, and grateful for everything. It was amazing. (#energy2022)

2022 is here now. No matter how it started, I encourage you to ease into it purposefully, move through it gently, and enjoy it quietly.

Happy New Year!

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