I don’t know about you, but Thanksgiving feels different to me this year. When November rolls around each year, I focus more on the things, people, places, and experiences in my life for which I am grateful. In light of the last twenty months, the focus is sharper. The last couple of years have forced our gaze onto survival, and now with things appearing to ease slightly, we can look back and see what we survived.

This Thanksgiving, go ahead and take the long-awaited deep breath, then exhale deeply. Repeat as often as necessary. Look around at the people who are nearest and dearest so that you can memorize their smiles and enjoy the time you get to share. Hug those who matter to you closely and often. Tell them that you love them.

Cheers to beautiful moments and lasting memories this Thanksgiving. May the food be delicious, the people be loving, and the experiences be memorable.

From Happy Thanksgiving!!

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