I created Tilt & Flourish just a little over two years ago as a place where positivity, inspiration, and encouragement were readily accessible. I’ve worked very hard to create content that would be a bright spot in your day, no matter when you read it. In the past few months, however, it has not been easy to shine the light that I intended. The same challenges experienced around the globe due to the coronavirus pandemic have challenged me too. Something as simple as grocery shopping has become an anxiety-inducing experience. And there’s more.

I have been grief-stricken with each new ‘SAY THEIR NAME’ hashtag posted in the media. Each life taken on camera and shared like a trophy in some evil competition has compounded the trauma of being a black human. Those who I believed would speak-out, or check-in remained silent. That pain has been excruciating. These things, combined with the current toxic environment plus everyday responsibilities and challenges, became overwhelming. So I stopped.

I’ve been taking some time to gather and nurture myself. I took a little break to feel all of the emotion that had been simmering. I took some time to adjust to the changes life has thrown at me. There have been many for all of us. Sheltering-in-place, social-distancing, #WFH and all of the anger and vitriol we consume each day shoves us into uncomfortable places. We need to adjust.

Today, I put on my big girl cape and continued what I started. The environment may be different than it was two years ago, but the mission is the same. Perhaps more now than before, encouragement and inspiration are needed. This blog exists to remind us that even when the world is tilting and spinning out of control, we can still flourish. We can start by being honest with ourselves. Admitting when we’re sad, tired, angry, frustrated, or even indifferent is key in thriving in tough times. We don’t always have to do. Sometimes we need to be.


In the T&F spirit of positivity and encouragement, here are 15 things that may help you navigate the current rough waters. The list isn’t all-inclusive, but I hope it will help you shine your light in these dark moments.

• Know that it is okay NOT to be okay.
• Self-care includes taking PTO and mental health days.
• Limit social media use and news watching.
• Sleep later, or go to bed earlier.
• Move your body.
• Be gentle with yourself.
• Allow yourself to cry.
• Laugh.
• Turn your phone off.
• Look up! Literally. Stop and gaze into the sky for 30 seconds.
• Spend some time in nature.
• Don’t over commit.
• Journal.
• Nourish yourself well.
• Seek mental health care when necessary.

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