…got enough sleep?
…ate better?
…exercised regularly?
…let go of negative self-talk?
…worked diligently on your business?
…faithfully pursued your goals?
…let go of self-limiting behaviors?
…got serious about your finances?
…made health and wellness a priority?
…talked less and listened more?
…stopped procrastinating?
…pursued personal development?
…stepped outside of your comfort zone?
…were easier on yourself?
…were kinder to others?
…asked for help?
…practiced gratitude?
…did the thing you least want to do?

Growing up, the song “The Question Is” could be heard playing at our house on any given Sunday morning. It is a simple, soulful song made great by gospel music royalty, The Winans. It asked three questions and provided three answers. That’s it. The impact, however, was powerful. Recently, as I sat quietly contemplating the year to come, I thought about the power of questions. Their thought-provoking, reflection-inducing nature is an essential tool in planning, research, understanding, and even correction.

As we blaze through the remaining days of the calendar toward 2020, I find myself thinking about the habits and choices that serve me well and what should be left behind. The process requires real honesty with oneself. After all, who knows you and the impact of your choices as well as you do? The process involves intention. It requires us to be intentional about making the necessary changes needed and in seeking the answers that will truly effect the changes we desire. Because we are each as unique as grains of sand, our questions and choices are too. No matter our individuality, there are always things that we can begin, improve upon, or eliminate. In the list above, there may be a question or two that resonate with you. Maybe yours isn’t listed, but you know what it is. Perhaps you haven’t taken the time to discover your question.

With little more than three weeks left until the new year arrives, there is a bevy of decisions to be made. What if the best choice you can make is the one that will help to improve your future? What if we each took an honest look at our own list and began to work on it consistently? How would it change our lives? What kind of impact might a single, positive decision have? I encourage you to carve some time out of your schedule, find a quiet corner, and have an honest moment of reflection about the things that will move you blissfully forward.

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