I love the early, dark and night-like moments of a new day. The cool, dark dawning feels rich with possibilities. I’m not a morning person. In fact, I think this time was created just to trick me out of bed to enjoy the twinkling of a brand new day. These early hours are the purest for me. There is something very special about them.

The dawn of a new year feels almost the same. After the late night celebrations that welcome another year, the first hours—even days of a new year also feel rich with possibilities. It comes with 365 chunks of opportunity for us to sculpt and shape into what will best serve others and ourselves. Within each chunk, we have close to 1500 minutes to notice, accomplish, reflect, help, share, love, encourage, inspire, learn…and so much more. By the year’s end, we will have been gifted more than 525,000 moments to do the same.  We really must stop saying we don’t have time. We have plenty. What if, at the start of every new year you were gifted $525,000? Every year. Would you say you had no money? My guess is, no.

Since we are each given the same gift of time at the start of every year, I guess the next question is: What will you do with it? There’s no doubt that we’d have some idea of what we’d do with the gift of money. We’d know, pretty readily what we’d spend it on, with whom we’d share it and how much we’d save. We would prioritize certain things and we’d completely avoid others. Now think about your gift of time. How will you spend it? With whom will you share it? What will you prioritize the use of your gift for?

As this pure, precious time of the year arrives, I encourage you to join me in giving thought to how you use your time during the next 365 days. Perhaps we can spend the first quiet and reflective moments to revel in the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead and give some real thought to how we can best use them.  Whether we are discussing money or time, how we spend it is most important. 

Happy New Year!

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”

—Brad Paisley

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