“Summertime and the living is easy….”

George Gershwin
(Porgy and Bess, 1934)

…Welcome back!

It’s time to enjoy long days, warm temperatures, plums, watermelons and white peaches, summer salads, barbeque and beach umbrellas, surfboards, tank tops and sundresses, vacations and family reunions. The list is practically endless. It’s an awesome time of year and even though I am not a fan of summer’s heat, I have fun finding ways to bear it.  Spending time at the beach, enjoying outdoor concerts and eating frozen yogurt are just a few. The kiddies are out of school so there are fewer cars on the road, which for me, equates to another summertime bonus: lighter traffic!

The reasons we each have to enjoy our warm new season may vary from person to person, but the opportunity for us all to enjoy it begins anew today.  Enjoy your summer. I’ve got a pretty big summer to-do list. There’s old stuff as well as new adventures and I plan to enjoy them all. I hope you’ll take time this summer to do more of the things that truly bring you joy. The days are longer, so you’ll have plenty of time.


Longer days and shorter nights,

Darker shades and brighter lights.

Louder music and wilder friends,

No need for pencils, no need for pens!

The parties are turned up,

The grills are burnt up,

The drinks are getting drunk up!

Everybody is pumped up!

Make these days the time of your life,

And make the nights just as right.

This time only comes once a year,

So live it up, don’t have any fears.

Everybody’s happy, and the girls are fine,

You already know it’s summertime!

–Ra’heim Robinson

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